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Our Pricing

Private pay only:

LPC-A rates $80 per Individual Session

LPC rates $130 Per Individual session

Groups: $60 per person per session

Benefits of Private Pay

There are many reasons to consider Private Paying for mental health services as a benefit to you. A few reasons are listed below.


No Diagnosis Required!

Most insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis in order for the counselor to receive payment from the insurance company. This diagnosis then becomes part of the client's medical record. In some instances, certain diagnoses may affect future insurance and life insurance coverage, types of jobs that you may apply or be hired for, and your ability to serve in the military. When you choose to private pay for your counseling services, there is no requirement by the counselor to make a diagnosis in order for you to receive services.


No Limit to the Number of Session!

In addition to the requirement of a diagnosis, most insurance companies put a limit on the number of sessions a client is able to receive with in a year. This can negatively impact the progress you make in counseling if you are unable to complete treatment due to the limits placed on services. When you choose to private pay for counseling services, there is no limit to the number of sessions you can receive. It is left up to you and the counselor to determine when the maximum benefit from services is received and when discharge should occur. 

Confidentiality at it's Highest!
Counselors are required by law to keep all records obtained through the counseling relationship with a client confidential. When a counselor bills an insurance company, the records are often required by the insurance company in order to be paid for services. As stated above, the confidential information in the counseling record becomes a part of your official medical record which can then be accessed by third parties in the future as allowed by the insurance company. When you private pay for counseling services, you are guaranteed that your counselor and yourself are the only two people who will know and have access to records. Aside from normal limits to confidentiality, therapy is completely confidential, without any third party being privy to information exchanged in sessions.


You can Keep Your Counselor!

Jobs and careers change and often times insurance types change as well. This generally requires a change of counselor due to the current provider not accepting the new insurance type. When you choose to private pay, this is no longer an issue. You can keep the same counselor as long as you like no matter what changes occur. 

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